February 2018 Picks

Milton’s Picks:
Vie di Romans “Ciampagnis” Chardonnay 2015
This is an exquisitely complex example of Italian Chardonnay. Stunning minerality and flavors that run the gamut from spice to mango to apricot to apple with an added floral aromatic quality make this a true show stopper. $33.99 (Price good for February, 2018 only.)
Ghost Block Zinfandel, Pelissa Vineyard 2015
A very rich and intense Napa Valley Zinfandel which boasts compelling and luxuriant texture which, while very full bodied indeed, never feels heavy on the palate. This has loads of bright dark fruit character, spice, oak and even some violet nuances. The flavors keep on going and evolving over the course of an evening. $31.99 (Price good for February, 2018 only.)
Pali Wine Company Pinot Noir “Huntington” 2015
From Santa Barbara County, this is a rather broad shouldered Pinot with waves of expressive black fruit, sweet loam and grilled meat. The richness of the flavor profile makes this wine seem a bit larger than it really is but that is one of the reasons that one does not tire of it. $21.99 (Price good for February, 2018 only.)
Tall Sage Red Blend 2015
This is a lovely, food-friendly Syrah and Cabernet based blend that defies logic. How can someone possibly put a wine that has this much going on – interesting nearly dried black fruit, soft herb, hints of spice – into the bottle for this little money? Many other like-priced blends ought to be ashamed. $10.99 (Price good for February, 2018 only.)
Milton Feb 2018
Milton’s wine picks for February 2018
Dave’s Picks:
Mionetto Prosecco Treviso Brut Non-Vintage
This delicious sparkling Italian tips the scale on the drier side, but still delivers plenty of fruit, with notes of green apple, peach and honey. A great match for white meats , seafood and cheeses. $14.49 (Price good for February, 2018 only.)
Smith & Hook Red Wine Blend 2014
Building on the success of the their wonderful Central Coast Cabernet, this blend of Merlot, Malbec, Cab and Petite Sirah has balance, rich-
ness and dark berry flavors that linger in the long finish. $19.99 (Price good for February, 2018 only.)
Herdade do Rocim Amphora Branco 2014
Made in the ancient method, using clay pots (amphora) without temperature control, this Portuguese white displays flavors of fig, dates
and candied lemon rind. A fascinating blend of Antao Vaz, Perrum, Rabo de Ovelha and Manteudo! Really? $15.99 (Price good for February, 2018 only.)
19 Crimes The Uprising Non-Vintage
Not to be out-done by the Bourbon barrel craze, the Aussies have concocted a Rum barrel bombshell that weighs in at 15% alcohol! Dark, jammy and bold, this wine will shiver your timbers mate! $12.99 (Price good for February, 2018 only.)
Dave Feb 2018
Dave’s wine picks for February 2018
Tim’s Picks:
Prairie Artisan Ales Paradise

Coconut Vanilla Stout. Yep, you heard that right. They took a stout, gave it a hint of vanilla and a good deal of toasted coconut and created one season defying, genre bending brew. Imperial stouts are usually thought of as a cold weather beer, but here the coconut and vanilla blend push the image of the stout into a year round, all season style. $6.99/12oz. (Price good for February, 2018 only.)

Tallgrass Brewing Co. Strawberry Shortcake
With our second reach into The Goodie Bag, we find Strawberry Shortcake. A Wheat Ale with a beautiful aromatic strawberry flavor and a cake-like vanilla richness for a delicious experience with one of America’s favorite dessert treats. Enjoy! $8.59/6pk. (Price good for February, 2018 only.)
Jaanihanso Rosé Méthode Traditionnelle
Vintage hand crafted medium dry cider (Apple Wine) from fresh farm pressed traditional Estonian juice apples and black currants . Wild yeast used for primary fermentation. Bottle fermented for at least six months according to traditional method. $22.99 for 750ml. (Price good for February, 2018 only.)
Feb 2018 beer
Tim’s beer picks for February 2018